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History of the Bombermaaan game project

Thibaut Tollemer started this project in July 2000. He's been using this project as a demo of what he could do as a game programmer, in order to be hired. As he was hired, he published the source code and created a project space on on May 2003. Unfortunately, he doesn't have so much time for programming new features since then.

Bernd Arnold joined the project in the end of 2007.

Jerome Bigot joined the project in May 2008. He developed the remote-fuse-bombs feature.

Markus Drescher joined the project in September 2008. He created the Linux port and is programming new features as well as enhancing the computer bombers' AI now.

Thibaut's original project page is still available if you want to have a look at it. Logo Valid XHTML 1.1 Valid CSS!