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Bombermaaan Changelog

You are informed of what was changed, fixed, added, and removed in each version.

Version 1.4

Released on October 18, 2008
New feature: Bombs can be remotely fused by a bomber (by Jerome Bigot, revision 527, #2122157) including AI support (by Markus Drescher, revision 536).
New feature: AI bomber is punching bombs when he is jammed by a bomb and picked up the punch item (by Markus Drescher).
New feature: Bombermaaan can be compiled natively on Linux using G++ (without the need of Wine and the Bombermaaan files for Win32, thanks to Markus Drescher, revision 533).
New feature: AI support for the blue glove - the AI players can throw bombs now (by Markus Drescher, revision 536).
New feature: Levels may have remote fused bombs (can also be set in level file version 2).
Changed: FMOD was replaced by the SDL_mixer library (by Markus Drescher, revision 533).
Changed: When no config file is present the input for the second player is set to keyboard 2 (revision 547).
Changed: Bigger sprites in menu level preview in 32-pixels version (revision 542).
Changed: F1 and F2 keys don't switch to fullscreen mode in 32-pixels version since the screen resolution is too low and the graphics cannot be seen completely.
Changed: Configuration file stored in XML format, config.xml (#2121910). The old file config.dat is still read for easy migration (this feature will be removed in the future).
Changed: Bots "know" which bomb is ignited by another bomb.
Changed: Algorithm for bots choosing the best block to escape / defend theirselves.
Changed: Keyboard 3 to 5 as human input available now. Useful if you don't have joysticks (#2150405).
Changed: Using SimpleIni for reading version-2 level files. The level files can be treated as real INI files now.
Changed: Arrows are displayed in level preview now (where bombs start moving, #2153008).
Bug fix: Input field was empty / executable crashed when joystick isn't present the next game start (#2121904, revision 538, revision 539, revision 546).
Bug fix: Bots are escaping in a certain situation if a player surrounds a bot with bombs.
Bug fix: Sometimes bots were stuck in the "WALK MODE". If they stay in there too often, they exit the "WALK MODE".
Bug fix: A bomb could have been "lifted again" if it already was lifted.
Bug fix: A level could contain too many items (in walls/initial skills of the bomber). That means the sum of maximum items must not exceed 50. (Initial skill items * 5 + Items in Walls <= 50)
Bug fix: Sometimes too many walls were created causing a game crash.
Bug fix: A bomb was not exploding after being punched and the punching bomber was killed (bug tracker #2160381).

Version 1.3.1

Released on July 27, 2008
New feature: Level files are also read from the %APPDATA%\Bombermaaan\Levels directory (#1847811) when exe is called with --use-appdata-dir.
Changed: Bombermaaan can be called from any directory now - no more DLL not found message (revision 464).
Changed: Log file and configuration file are placed in %APPDATA%\Bombermaaan directory (#1847811, revision 462, revision 463) when exe is called with --use-appdata-dir.

Version 1.3

Released on May 7, 2008
New feature: Almost unlimited number of levels. You can now add any number of levels. Plus, you don't have to call it L1 or L6 or whatever. Any filename like a.txt or coolbomberlevel.txt will be ok.
New feature: Enhanced level file format. You can specify the amount of items waiting in walls (tracker item #1847047) and the initial bomber skills for every match (tracker item #1847048).
New feature: Animated coin for the winner of a match.
New feature: Larger window/larger sprites available.
New feature: Invisibility as contamination (tracker item #1864528).
New feature: Flameproof as contamination (tracker item #1847833, revision 241).
New feature: Bombs start moving on special blocks (#1908105).
New feature: Mexican wave of the crowd in the victory screen (but the crowd may also be lazy...)
Changed: Accept space bar, numpad enter and return key to go to next screen (only return key worked so far)
Bug fix: Music started in pause when losing focus (tracker item #1856135).
Bug fix: Victory sound didn't end after Escape (#1851347).
Bug fix: F12 ended program (#1848194).
Bug fix: Bomb didn't explode during lift when bomber died (#1861692).
Bug fix: Computer/mouse pointer froze, clouds didn't move smoothly (#1870479, #1870410).

Version 1.02

Released on December 9, 2003
Changed: Rommel Santor made an update of his cool level editor!

Version 1.01

Released on December 6, 2002
New feature: Added a very easy to use, free level editor made by Rommel Santor.

Version 1.0

Released on November 3, 2002

Version 0.999

Released on October 22, 2002

Version 0.93

Released on April 29, 2002

Version 0.9

Released on April 24, 2002

Version 0.85

Released on March 6, 2002

Version 0.8

Released on November 22, 2001

Version 0.77

Released on November 16, 2001

Version 0.75

Released on November 5, 2001

Version 0.7

Released on October 30, 2001

Version 0.6

Released on September 5, 2001

Version 0.5

Released on August 4, 2001

Version 0.4

Released on July 2001

Version 0.31

Released on January 2001

Version 0.3

Released on January 2001

Version 0.25

Released on January 2001

Version 0.2

Released on August 2000

Version 0.13

Released on August 2000

Version 0.12

Released on August 2000

Version 0.11

Released on July 2000

Version 0.1

Released on July 2000

Version 0.01

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