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Thibaut: Founder of Bombermaaan. He doesn't have the time to work on Bombermaaan at the moment.

Bernd: Win32, 32-pixels version, enhancements, file releases, web site, project management.

Jerome: Remote-fuse-bombs feature. He's currently inactive.

Markus: Win32 and Linux, enhancements, AI stuff.

You can send a private message to a developer via by clicking on his name above. This requires that you are logged in with your account.
If you like to tell us bugs or feature requests etc., please use the trackers listed below instead.


Bug tracker: Report and view bugs.

Feature requests: List feature requests for Bombermaaan or submit your own.

Support requests: Get help when you are stuck compiling or playing Bombermaaan.

Patches: Submit and share your patches.


You can visit the forums, based on phpBB. The forums are not completely set up. There's only a test forum so far. Logo Valid XHTML 1.1 Valid CSS!