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Bombermaaan To-Do list

This list shows the ideas we had and don't want to forget.

You can also browse a list of already opened feature requests at the tracker.

Item Progress Status 1 Description Added 2 Last changed 2
Skins 0 % Noticed Skins with different images. 2007-12-10 2007-12-10
Team mode 0 % Noticed Players can be assigned to teams. The match is finished if there is only one team alive. In addition, there could be an option if item effects are shared in a team.
The disease could be shared, too. (by Hugues, see tracker item 1941534)
2007-12-11 2008-04-16
Retain bomber skills between matches 0 % Noticed Bomber skills are reset each time a match starts. What about an option where the bombers keep their skills between matches? 2007-12-13 2007-12-13
Wormhole / Teleport square 0 % Noticed Wormhole: There could be blocks when a bomber gets on it, the bomber vanishes from there and about half a second later it re-appears on another block.
Teleport square: When bomb / users on this special square it teleports/transport the bomb/users to another square (random or otherwise). (by Di, see tracker item 1949707)
2007-12-28 2007-12-28

1 Noticed: idea is written down, but it isn't intended to be implemented (until now), Planned: idea is intended to be implemented, In Progress: currently working on implementation, Completed: idea is implemented, Rejected: idea will not be implemented.
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